Back to the Roots Landscaping provides a wide range of services from scheduled yard maintenance to individualized stone and paver projects. Our in-depth knowledge of gardens and timely upkeep help maintain a beautiful landscape year round. Our projects display care and craftsmanship using plants, stone, contrast and light.


  • Emphasis on excellent care of ornamental gardens
  • Landscape care includes pruning, grooming and fertilization at optimal times
  • Lawn care includes aerating, dethatching, fertilizing and reseeding


  • Soil preparation of lawn and beds with proper tillage and amendments
  • Planting of native, edible and ornamental plants as well as lawns
  • Paths, patios and walls built with natural stone or pavers
  • Path and accent lighting to make your landscape come alive at night

Seasonal Irrigation Service

  • Spring turn-on and system checks
  • Fall drain and turn-off
  • Irrigation system repairs
  • Irrigation systems using water wise design, methods and materials